Tired, Hungry

I just ate a protein bar because I haven’t eaten anything all day except for a bottle of Gatorade and a few spoonfuls of chili. It’s probably good to eat before you exercise, right?

I only got like two hours of sleep lastnight.

It’s amazing the effect that certain information has on your ability to eat and sleep. Information like your husband left you for another woman…

Yep, that’s right folks. He didn’t just leave me. He left me for somebody else!

I have spoken to two attorneys today.
Huzzah for attorneys!


Still looking out for me…

I filled out like a dozen online apps yesterday, and who do I get a call back from first thing this morning?


My Grandmother’s all-time-end-of-story-no-questions-asked FAVORITE store ever.

Go figure!

I applied for a position called Loss Prevention something-or-other, which I assume means I’ll be running around with a toolbelt and a walkie-talkie, looking official and tackling shoplifters…which is fine, considering it’s probably a FULL-TIME JOB AND A STEADY PAYCHECK AND AS LONG AS I HAVE THOSE TWO THINGS I DON’T REALLY CARE WHAT MY JOB IS. (Wendy’s had an ad for shift manager. I hate fast food, but I would apply for that… )

My Grandma put in a good word for me at KMart, and I’m driving my Grandpa’s old truck.

So thank you, Grandma and Grandpa. You really came through for me. Too bad you’re dead. Too bad the only members of my family to come through for me are DEAD.

Two more weeks at the high school, still not getting a paycheck, and then I’m GONE.



And good riddance! Pay your teachers, for God’s sake!

Good News

At first when I was considering the move to Iowa, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to afford rent and a car payment, etc. My aunt and uncle own this house, they charge their current renters something like $450/month. I was going to keep one of the cars, on which the payment is $300.

So I’d be staring down the barrel of about $750/month just in rent and car payments! Not to mention electric, insurance, cable, internet, etc. Gah!!!

But no! Family strikes again. My aunt said that they would only charge ME $200/month (whoah), and because my stupid son of a bitch STBX keeps changing his mind, he now wants to put ALL of the vehicles into the bankruptcy so that HIS name isn’t on anything.

For Christ’s sake, man, when I married you, your FIRST WIFE’S NAME WAS STILL ON EVERYTHING. YOU JACKASS!

So my mom says that she will finance a car for me and I will make the payments on it. Whoah! She sure is redeeming herself.

The car I looked at has a payment of something like $150/month. Awesome.

I can handle $350/month for house/car!

At first we looked at a Dodge Magnum, because it is a wagon and nice and low for Sumo to jump into. But I started looking at some other models, like the Audi A3, which is also a wagon, and to be honest with you, I haven’t heard very much positive stuff about Dodge’s reliability ratings.

So I found a couple older models of Audi wagons, some very inexpensive with only 70K miles (which is acceptable), and emailed the listings for them to my mom.

Hopefully she is amenable to something like that! I have always liked Audi (even when my STBX’s ex-wife bought one). They are reliable cars, and they have good stability ratings, airbags, and have been all-around good cars. Yay for German Engineering.