Dreams are Fun

Lastnight I had a dream that I was showing this giant Nordic Viking-type around. Big guy, blonde hair, short beard, lots of muscles. Apparently I was some kind of trainer, and he needed to pass some kind of trials for…something. So I walked him through his trial, and he was so thankful that he decided to stay with me.

Who was I to deny him?

When I awoke, I found the dream ironic because I always imagined myself marrying a giant, bearded Viking-type. I hope I have that dream again. Yum. :)

Tutoring Blows (Sometimes)

I tutor Math for five hours on MWF.


Today is the fourth time I’ve been here this semester, and it’s the FIRST time that I’ve been here that there hasn’t been at least one person who gets here when I get here and leaves when I leave.


It’s insane.


People, if you need to sit and have someone explain your Algebra class to you for FIVE HOURS, then you’re doing something wrong. Read the chapter and take notes on it BEFORE class. Pay more attention in class. Take more notes. Do more practice problems. Ask the teacher for help–that’s what they are there for! Quit telling yourself that you can’t do Math BECAUSE YOU CAN.


For the love of God…


Five hours of trying to explain the same thing over and over to a person who either a.) keeps telling you that she can’t do Math, or b.) has waited until four and a half hours before his test to learn all the material.


I get tired of these people who think that they can rely on a tutor to explain it all to them if they wait until the last minute. I want to scream at them.


Good thing I like Math. :)