I don’t think so

MSN featured an article this morning on the best and worst military television shows.


Part of the farce was that they included the A-Team in there as a war show….comeon…the A-Team? They might as well have included the Incredible Hulk, Planet of the Apes, and MacGuyver if they were going that route. There were explosions in those shows too.


My concern stems from the fact that they included the show “Over There.” What a piece of shit.


That show was on WHILE my DH was in Iraq for his year-long tour of duty, and it was all I could do NOT to call him after every episode just to make sure he knew that I wasn’t cheating on him and to reassure myself that he was not cheating on me. Comeon.


You know why MASH was so powerful? Because it detailed some of the day-to-day of the soldiers. Sure, it was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek kind of antiwar comedy (black comedy, mind you), but there were entire episodes where noone was an alcoholic, noone cheated on their spouse, noone went AWOL…and it went on for eleven years. “Over There” was cancelled after 13 episodes. Tell you something?


The writeup for “Over There” says this: “The show also incorporated issues such as alcoholism, going AWOL, separated spouses and mothers, and other rarely scrutinized aspects of wartime.” Yeah, unfortunately, those were the ONLY issues that it addressed!


I couldn’t even watch it some nights. I tried, I really did. I wanted to like the show, because the Iraq War was something that I was involved in, on a personal level. I wanted to tell my friends, “Hey! Check out this new show! It’s a really intelligent take on deployed soldiers’ lives, and the lives of their families!”


But alas, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have subjected any Army Wife I know to that.


And I hear about this show now on Lifetime called “Army Wives.” I’m not even going to dignify it by watching one episode. I already know what it is. “Military Desperate Housewives.”


What a military wife needs to see is different than what Hollywood thinks she needs to see.


Military wives need to see uplifting things, things that renew their faith in their absent husbands, not some drivel that instead causes them to question it.


Bad form, MSN.


Me Complaining about a Nice Dinner

For Mother’s Day, I suggested to my DH that we take our respective mothers out to lunch.

His mother was ok with it, but my mother had, for some unknown reason, scheduled a picnic at her house for some people from her church ON Mother’s Day, for LUNCH. I have no clue why she would do that, knowing that it was Mother’s Day, and knowing that her daughter would probably want to do something special for her…

She’s so weird lately.

Anyways, I still wanted to take the moms out, so I attempted to reschedule. My mom was available for dinner that evening (still Mother’s Day!! ) so I had my DH call his mother and see if she was available.

Sure, she says, but she doesn’t want to go unless my DH’s dad can go too.

*sigh* WTF??

I don’t understand that. I really don’t. It was MOTHER’S Day, and my DH and I were trying to do something nice for our moms. She KNOWS we don’t have a whole lot of disposable income (she’s part of the reason, unfortunately), and yet she insists on a fifth person coming with us to dinner, meaning WE will have to pay for a fifth person at the not-very-cheap-restaurant that we were taking our moms to.

Because if we refuse to pay for my FIL, we look like stingy stooges who invite people to dinner and won’t pay for their spouses, even though we didn’t invite the spouse to dinner in the first place.

It’s not that I don’t like the guy–he’s a great guy! I guess it was the principle of the thing…why did my DH’s mom HAVE to have my DH’s dad with her? Did she think we were going to ignore her the whole time?

She’s always been a bit quirky. I just chalk it up to one of those quirks of hers…

Other than that, it really was a nice dinner. My mom seemed to have a good time, and my DH was very attentive (he even kissed me in front of everyone). The restaurant was nice and the food was excellent. On the expensive side, but for our moms, it was worth it. (yeah, I just put “moms” in there. I’m evil)

I put together some gift bags for the moms with some candles and goodies in them, and bought each mom a nice plant. My MIL got a Gerbera Daisy, and my mom got a Hydrangea. Both were very pretty, and I think the moms liked them.

Hope everyone else had a nice Mother’s Day, and didn’t have to pay for unnecessary people at any upscale restaurants.

Stupid Sweet Sixteen

Did anyone watch Hell’s Kitchen tonight?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I don’t usually watch the show, but this episode spoke to me in a way that few others have…they hosted a Sweet Sixteen party. How was this amusing, you ask? Well…I’ll tell you…

First of all, I would just like to say that TV shows like “My Super Sweet Sixteen” are why people hate America…(yeah, you’ve heard that somewhere before, I just can’t remember where). These kids are spoiled, and will probably contribute nothing to society, because they have never had to live in the “real world.”

Yes, I stereotype, but it is difficult not to when you hear a teenager scream at her mom because she bought her a blue Bentley instead of a black one…

So I watched this show with relish. (no pun intended)

The girl’s mom looked like she had just had about four billion dollars worth of Botox injected into her face. She could hardly speak, she had no lips, and I could have sworn I saw clothespins holding her cheeks taut… While they were decorating, the mom came in and was like “I have a vision…and this is not what my vision was.”

I suppose if you have enough money, you can act as freak-like as you want.

The birthday girl ordered a steak, medium, and complained when she didn’t like her steak that looked a lot like medium to me…

The girl’s mom was all upset because her fish was dry.


Oh, we’re sorry that our chefs couldn’t cook the fish to the same specifications as the cook does at your house. Maybe you should try cooking sometime, lady. I bet the steam would be good for your pores.

No wonder everybody hates America.

Today is for Cooking

apparently today is a cooking day for me…

So far I have cooked French toast for breakfast, got the pork chops out of the freezer so that they will be ready for us to make at lunchtime, brought up the bag of frozen broccoli, opened a can of yams, a can of carrots, and a can of green beans to add to the slow cooker with the venison that I’m cooking for the furkids.

Yeah, I said furkids.

I cook them food every so often. They love it. I freeze it in spare ice cube trays and give it to them as treats. Usually I add blueberries and brown rice, but I don’t have either of those. The yams substitute for the easy-to-digest part.

I have also decided to make some sort of dessert for our meal today. Not sure what to make though. We don’t have pork chops often. I will soak them in bbq sauce, cavender’s (Greek seasoning), and garlic powder, and have my DH grill them.

Will I cook something else today? Who knows!! Probably not. I’m tired.