More About Anime, and Something Else…

Sometimes I will set the sleep timer on our TV so that it will play and I can fall asleep to the sounds of whatever anime that cartoon network’s Adult Swim is playing at that particular time of night.

For a few weeks, I was falling asleep just as the show “Ghost in the Shell” was beginning. I would set the sleep timer, and then as I drifted off, I would hear the theme song for the current season of the show. It is a beautiful song (in my opinion) called Inner Universe, featuring a Russian singer who calls herself Origa (the fan site is so-so, obviously done by someone who does not write English, but you get the general idea), and a male soprano, Ben Del Maestro.

Origa intrigued me, as her story is interesting. I was born on her eighth birthday.

Included herein is a link to the fan-made video to accompany the full version of the song. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy at all, you’ll probably recognize clips from FFVII: Advent Children. (It has relatively little to do with the first movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within).

Anyways, I thought you might like to have a listen. Someday, when I have the time, I am going to sample more of Origa’s work. Hopefully it’s as good as this.


Cutest. Kids. Ever.

Think For Yourselves, People

A while back, my DH started a blog with very good intentions: to save the world from stupid people.

I agree with him in principal, but he really missed the point, I think. The world is not full of stupid people. It is merely filled with people who are too lazy to get off their duffs and do some research to find out if what they are reading in the newspaper/hearing on the radio/seeing on TV/reading on the internet/watching on YouTube is TRUE.

For example…

If I go read this blog, I am filled with the notion that Global Warming is an imminent threat to my life, the majority of it caused by my spewage of carbon dioxide into the air.

But if I read this blog, I am led in a different direction. Is Global Warming a hoax?

You really can’t believe everything you read, as the old adage goes.

Think for yourselves, people. Go do some research, and not just blogs!

Go read a scientific journal, go do some of your own research, take measurements, and for GOD’S SAKE, TAKE YOUR POLITICAL AFFILIATION OUT OF IT.

George Bush did not cause Global Warming any more than he caused Hurricane Katrina. Bill Clinton didn’t cause Global Cooling. Richard Nixon did not cause a tornado in Ohio. Republicans did not cause the tsunami. Democrats did not cause an earthquake in California. Fact of the matter, there is so much debate about whether or not Global Warming even exists, you simply CANNOT in good faith trust one source for all of your information.

Get out into the sunlight and think for yourselves. The Media is NOT run by objective angels with no opinions of their own, no matter how many times they may say so. The Media is run by people who have thoughts and preferences, just like you do. Forget watching TV, forget reading blogs for information. Go talk to a scientist, a meteorologist, a sociologist.

Use your brain. It works, I promise.

Stop letting other people think for you.

/end rant