Well I did it.

I told the professor about the punk next to me who was cheating on the test. I went up to his office after class to get my test, and I spit it out. I was VERY flustered. I didn’t want to do it. I don’t like feeling like I’m a “tattle-tale” but this is something that I’m going to have to deal with when I’m a teacher, so I tried to think of it if I were in the prof’s shoes.

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An Inside Look

Actual Conversations:

At work:

Me: (pulling car up to valet pickup area)

Angry Jerk: Here. (hands me valet ticket and NO tip)

Me: Hello there! I cracked your window on the way up here, just FYI.

Angry Jerk: Well it took you long enough! We’ve been waiting for half an hour!

Me: I’m sorry you had to wait so long, sir. I hope you have a good night.

Angry Jerk: Well that doesn’t do me any good NOW, does it??? (drives away)

What I was thinking:

“Sir, there is no way in HELL you were waiting for your car for half an hour. Even if we hired a bunch of mentally handicapped paraplegic midgets to drive your car up here, it wouldn’t take half an hour. You are an idiot, with no sense of time.”

I always want to bust out the surveillance cameras to show these people how stupid they are, but I know that it would be futile, since people who go to a casino and lose hundreds/thousands of dollars are either extremely stupid, or extremely rich, and the rich people aren’t angry when they come out.

Also heard that same night over the intercom system that we use:

Impatient Woman: (apparently had been standing at the front desk with her valet ticket while the desk valet was outside directing traffic for a whole THIRTY SECONDS, so she decided to go behind the desk and use our intercom system) Hello? Can someone please come up here and take my ticket so that I can get my car?

My Supervisor: (over intercom:) Someone will be up there shortly, ma’am. Please be patient. (to me:) Go get that lady’s car, take as long as you want.

Me: Well, there IS a 15-mph speed limit here. I’ll try to keep the average down. (strolls out to car, drives 5 mph up to valet dropoff, innocently smiles at impatient woman while taking her ticket and tip and closing her door)

What I was thinking:

Lady, how long have you been here tonight? Six, seven, TEN hours? Do you REALLY think waiting another FIVE minutes to get your car will make any difference in the great scheme of things? THAT’S WHY THEY DON’T PUT CLOCKS IN CASINOS. So stupid people like you will lose track of time. If you can’t tell how long you’ve been in the casino, how can you tell how long you’ve been standing at the desk waiting to give the desk valet your ticket???”

People, don’t fuck with your valet. It’ll only make life miserable for you. Why would you be rude to someone who is driving your car around? That’s like telling a waiter that he’s stupid before your food comes out. You’ll end up with a giant pubic hair on your hamburger and spit in your lemonade.

That’s not to say I’ve ever done anything to someone’s car, but we CAN do things like “accidentally” lose your keys for a while and make you sweat, or leave your windows up while it’s raining outside… I’m just sayin’…

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School and Dilemmas (the same? maybe)

Well, my Calculus test this morning was exactly what I thought it would be.

Long, grueling, difficult…and other things that I dare not say…oh hell I’ll say them! SATISFYING! EXCITING!! FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! It makes me so happy when I’ve “got it,” you know? I heart teh maths!!!1

Anyways… As I was sitting there scratching out my proofs and derivatives, I saw out of the corner of my eye a little movement…

The guy who sits next to me was lifting up the corner of the notebook on the desk between us. He was CHEATING!!!!!!! GAH!!!

The whole drive home I debated…what should I do? Do I go to the professor? I realize that it may be considered “tattling,” but you have NO IDEA HOW HARD I STUDIED FOR THIS TEST. For this PUNK to sit beside me and peek at his notebook! Well! I…I just!!! I just!!!

Well I’m just sputtering now……but you get it. People who cheat ruin it for all the people who REALLY studied for the test. They take the easy way out, and to be honest with you, they hurt themselves more than anything else. This kid will go to his next class and not know what he’s talking about because he didn’t bother to LEARN anything.

So I don’t know what to do. The thing I thought about was telling him that I saw him cheating, and just let him know that if I saw it again, I was going to tell the prof. Lazy lazy wretched boy!!!!!! Grrr!!!

The thing I guess made me the happiest was doing the proofs. I didn’t have time to finish everything, so I didn’t finish one of them, but I did one of the others that I hadn’t memorized, and I was SO PROUD when I finished it! I even wrote the word “YAY!!!” on my paper. My prof looked at it and said “Nice Work!”


So now I’m waiting for the DH to get home so that we can go eat something, and this evening I have plans to go to dinner and a show with one of my good friends. I’m going to CELEBRATE!

A Furkid Post For You

picture-004.jpg     Caught in the Act!!!       picture-003.jpg

picture-002.jpg          picture-001.jpg

If I didn’t love them so much, there would be NO more stuffies in the house for the furkids!!! So much to clean up, but so fun to watch. Keep your eye out for Burger Stuffie…he’s still around…lurking…

Good Times

As some of you may or may not know, I play World of Warcraft occasionally.

A friend showed me this, and I thought I’d share it with you. I laughed my patoot off.

Then I found this. Ha! Hi-freakin’-larious!

So anyways I hope you enjoy those, even if you don’t play WoW.

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