Stuff Happens At My House!

Yes, stuff certainly does happen at my house.

Last week on Thursday, the region experienced one of those storms that scares you to death and thrills you at the same time. The one where there is no tornado, but the wind blows so hard that the rain falls sideways.

It was awesome.

And crappy.

For your amusement:


That’s our road (we live at the end of a dead-end road), and that’s a tree across our road, laying on the power lines. We could not leave the premises until Friday evening when they removed the tree, and we had no power from Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening.

It rained like seventy thousand inches in one week, flooding our backyard, destroying several tree branches, and my interest in going outside. The mosquitoes abound, and with no power, our house got REALLY muggy. It was icky.

Fortunately, the frogs love the rain, and they eat the mosquitoes. That’s why we like to have them around.

How many frogs can you see in this picture?

Here is a different view:

If you said four, you’re right! Good job. One Gold Star for you.

Let me know if you need me to point them out for you. Usually there are more than four, but it must have been a long day for them. You know, eating mosquitoes and hopping around can really wear a frog out.

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Not So Craptastic

Well my second day of Calculus has passed, and I have to say I’m feeling quite at home.

As I look around the class, I can’t help but be nostalgic. I am one of two girls in the class. It’s an Engineering prep course, so it’s touted to be more difficult than the regular Calc courses (which take twice as long to complete). Around me sit the type of people who I was friends with in High School.

You know the type. Disheveled hair, monotone clothing, always carried some kind of book around, nervous around women… Nerds. Geeks. Calculator Commandoes. Science Fiction Afficionadoes, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that at least one of them owns the entire original Star Trek series on special edition digitally remastered DVD. They probably even have it autographed.

I was put into a study group with three guys.

One of them says his major is Drag Racing. Woo. You’re so cool. Go shave that pathetic thing off your top lip and suck on an exhaust pipe. Drag Racing is not a major just because you call it one. You’re a mechanical engineering major, genius.

One of them showed up about ten minutes before class was over to join our group. He’s foreign. Great. He’ll probably be smart, but it won’t matter because we won’t be able to understand

The third reminds me the most of my friends from high school. Glasses, Slightly overweight, soft-spoken, very intelligent, and I got the feeling that if I smiled at him just a bit more, his head would explode from blushing.

These are EXACTLY the type of guys that I was friends with in high school!! I can remember more than one time tying a piece of toilet paper to a baloon filled with hydrogen gas, or going to town to buy saltpeter (potassium nitrate) so that we could fill bits of PVC pipe with it and attach a makeshift fuse…. These were my PEOPLE. These were the people who I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail with two hundred bajillion times. These were my MST3K buddies. These were the people who introduced me to the internet, who I used to tell “you’ll shoot your eye out!” when they would play with bottle rockets. I was in Academic Superbowl and all sorts of other social clubs–I was not a “jock.”

I miss my high school friends. I called their parents’ houses a few months before my wedding to see if they would come, but noone ever returned the messages that I left. I emailed a few of them. No response.

I suppose I know that things wouldn’t ever be the same as they were back then, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the person, and celebrate how they have grown and changed the same way I celebrate the growth and changes in my own life.

Anyways, I miss them. I bet they would have helped me with Calculus.

I feel old. I’m not in high school any more. These are just kids. I know one of them from my Trig class, but other than that, these are all new faces. The prof reminds me of Santa Claus, though. Don’t ask me why…he’s not jolly, but he’s a little plump, and very soft-spoken.

I think I will do just fine in this class. Even if I have to wear my Uhura costume a few times to get some study tips…



I had a poopy day!

This morning I woke up, feeling fine, but with about twenty thousand spider bites on my legs.

I took a shower, got dressed to go to my first day of the fall semester, and on my way out, one of the dogs slobbered a giant drooly goober on my right pantleg. Ew.

I left for my first day of Calculus, only to look back and see DH’s uniform hanging from a hook in the back of the Honda. I turned around and dropped it off at the house. By the time I got to campus, I had about five minutes to get to class.

There were no parking spots within a half mile of the school. It’s raining buckets.

I went to the wrong building.

When I finally get to class, I am SO late. And wet. And sweaty. Mostly embarrassed.

Prof asks us to get out our books. (DH picked up my books for me last week) Everyone has a brown Calculus book. I have a green Calculus book. Why do I have a green Calculus book?????? Gah!!!

Class lets out, I have to go to the Bursar’s office and pick up my check. The line is seven miles long.

I leave school, realize that I am late for my dentist appointment. I pick up the phone to call, and beep, it dies because the battery is dead. Why is the battery dead? Because the car charger that WAS in my car is now in the OTHER car because I drove it to work this weekend. Why did I put it in the other car? Because there is only ONE CAR CHARGER because DH lost and/or broke the other one. I can’t remember. All I know is that one of them is gone.

I get to the dentist’s office, where they are very nice about my lateness, and still allow me to have some dentistry done.

My day starts looking up.

I love this dentist. Take note, folks. I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep. Seriously. I’m totally serious here. RELAXED. SLEEPY. DAAAAYYYUUUMMMM.

I also love having my teeth cleaned. They feel so wonderful and shiny afterwards, and the assistants are always so nice!

Done at the dentist’s office, off to work? No, it’s lunchtime!

But I need a haircut. There is a 30 minute wait, so I go to Panera and eat some salad and soup.

(OMG I’m watching “The Breakup” right now and bawling my eyes out SO SAD OMG!!)

After lunch, haircut time. Short cut, nice and easy! I hate getting my hair cut in the middle of the day, though, because I end up with hair all over my face/body/shirt.

Off to work. Stay at work for a bit, head home. Call DH, he wants beer. I stop at the movie place and pick up some movies (hence my current sob-fest), then off to the liquor store and get three kinds of beer. THREE!!

(Just a note: if you haven’t seen “The Breakup” yet, GO RENT IT. AND FOR GOD’S SAKE BRING A FREAKIN’ BOX OF TISSUES.)

Anyways, I came home tonight to a DH who was in a bad mood, and it was just not pleasant. I think he is in a bad mood because I was in a bad mood all weekend from having to work ALL FREAKING NIGHT FOR TWO DAYS IN A ROW. I was tired, and grumpy, and I don’t think it’s fair because when HE’S in a bad mood, I just ignore him. I hope he is in a better mood tomorrow. He did manage to do all of the laundry, clean the bathroom, wash the dishes, vacuum, and change the sheets on the bed while I was away. And that’s only the stuff that I know about… The house is nice and labor-free for me.

I have to go to school tomorrow again to return the green Calculus book and purchase the proper BROWN one so that I can study before Wednesday’s class. I am also going to stop by work and make sure my replacement is doing ok.

I’m going to go play World of Warcraft. Yar!

Malaguena Salerosa

If you’ve never heard his song, I highly recommend listening to it. It’s a wonderful song, and the guys from Chingon cover it so well! I would like to thank Quentin Tarantino for adding it to the sountrack to Kill Bill II. :)

Don’t Know Why, But I Do

Yes, I do.

I love the show “The Girls Next Door.”

Don’t tell my mom, ok?

For the past few days I’ve been reading the news stories about the alleged sexual assault at the Playboy mansion. I don’t know about you, but I think that even if it did happen, that’s like going to a strip club and complaining that someone ogled your breasts. (Disclaimer: Please do not mistake my point. Rape is NOT right, in ANY circumstance.) My point is that the probability that someone will BELIEVE you is pretty low.

This interview with Hef is so classy. (ignore stupid commercials) I know that the guy is considered by some to be Satan incarnate, but I do not personally have anything against him. (Again, don’t tell my mom) I can share in the appreciation of the female body, and to be honest, the guy is a gentleman. He treats the girls like Queens, and each is special.

In the video, Hef also calls Holly the love of his life. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll know that Holly’s goal is to marry Hef and have his babies, so that probably made her pretty happy. I saw Holly on Chelsea Handler’s talk show (which I also think is a great show), and she was great.

My favorite girl is Bridget, though. She has her Master’s Degree and is in school to get her Ph.D. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart, too! What a package!

The other girl, Kendra, is ok. She is spunky, but not as intelligent as Bridget or as classy as Holly.

Enough. Go watch the show. It’s on E! all the time. I bet you’ll like it!!

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